Why in today’s world, humans are innately inhumane? Anyone ever thought why the kindness or compassion lacking? These questions are too simple when asked and too painful when thought of.

Ages ago, people were concerned with human welfare and alleviation of suffering. They were so compassionate and had sympathy for other beings. They acted in such manner that caused least harm to the people or even to animals. They laid main emphasis on humanistic values.

But, sadly, in today’s world, even capital punishments are considered more humane than the henious acts. Has the world changed? Has the society changed? It’s the PEOPLE who have kept such different sets of values for themselves that the kindness or tenderness has vanished away. They have become so ego-centric that the difference between ‘ humane and inhuman ‘ has been forgotten.

Life has become so strenuous that happiness of others is also kept at stake. Apart from even hating a person, they have started being indifferent to their fellow beings. That’s the essence of inhumanity. This barbarous cruelty with infinite wickedness do not permit today’s man to be called a ‘ PERFECT MAN ‘. This is man’s inhumanity to another man. It is rightly said – ” Prevention is easy – Infection is deadly “.

People have to be cognizant about good or bad rather than wait, which has already resulted in so much disaster in the society; gradually resulting into inhuman acts. Why can’t people understand that by giving love and respect , more love and respect would be showered on them.

People will have to change. They will have to become empathetic. They will have to love people than things. They will have to become more value oriented than materialistic. They will have to make this world as it was – ” A PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE “.



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